Shake the Ghost

by tamarin

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Recorded in 2011 at:

Edie Road Studio
with Michael Amacio

Salvation Recording Co.
with Christopher Daly and Scott Nicholas
and Michael Amacio

Sex Dungeon Studios
with Dan Angel and James Ryskalchick
and Michael Amacio

The Headroom
with Kyle Pulley


Mixed by Kyle Pulley at The Headroom
Mastered by Ryan Schwabe at The Maniac Mansion

Philadelphia PA



released October 9, 2012



James Blinstrub - drums
John Cipriano - keys, pedal steel, vocals
Page Foster - guitar, bells, vocals
Patrick Lamothe - bass, vocals
Alex Malamy - guitar, vocals


Megan Biscieglia, vocals (tracks 4&9)
Paul Christian, cello (track 9)
Zachary Paige, clarinet (tracks 5&9), banjo (tracks 4&11), vocals (track 4)
Kyle Pollard, trombone, horn arrangements (tracks 8&11)
Jonathan Roberts, trumpet (tracks 8&11)
Jesse Sparhawk - guitar and bass (track 9), harp (tracks 4&11)

Wind by Jordan Kasey

Many thanks to all those involved and to all those who supported us in our efforts to make this record.

Full release on 10/9/12 with La Société Expéditionnaire



all rights reserved


tamarin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Patience
Hardest thing I've had to do is accept all won't be undone.
So many times I've shook my head these thoughts won't be gone.
And a sigh is no release but a reveling in grief.
Like a rag rung out in the rain my eyes reveal the work of no one's hands. Still gripping at a way, I must know patience, this won't be easy.

So I've been riding others dreams, haven't cared to know my own.
With no place to return to only ideas of home.
If I could only clear my mind If I could only clear my
Like a rag rung out in the rain my eyes reveal the work of no one's hands. Still gripping at a way, I must know patience, this won't be easy.
Track Name: Half Drained
You're no Shelly Johnson but you're looking so the same.
So I'll just keep on watching, pretending she's got your name.
Since I left Washington I haven't felt the same.
And when I see you I'll be dodging you, wishing you never came.
In the hands of another I can redirect the blame.
And put it on you like I put it on you, shaking what's left of shame.

Suzanne she still moves me to a place I can't recall.
Not much more than feeling, feeling like you're gonna fall.
Marianne she's been laughing, it's so long since she has called.
She's still such a pretty one, stubborn, stringing webs that just won't hold.

I'm a half drained battery. You can use what's left of me. Take it all so directly.
Track Name: Seems A Laugh
He seems a laugh so I laugh. At who's expense would I pass. And yet the thing that I've asked is are surface readings formed in one glance?

Associate what we'd believe are similar, read to deceive. If we could look and not try to see, we'd have no faces, we'd know our place.

Time we've spent holding to this, think of all that we have missed. Histories that will never exist, though some of these stories we'd still resist.

Take the time, learn what it's for, there are ways be reassured. Up off the ground, feet to the floor. You keep on moving there's so much more.

Crash, cry, you will survive, you won't even know that you made it.
Grass dries but it's still alive, it doesn't know that you've tamed it.
Sometimes men will devise a thing and not know what to name it.
You can tell lies just to get by, no one will know that you faked it.

I take a half, take the other half. At his expense, I laugh.
Track Name: Everyone's Writing
Everyone's writing with sentimentality and I've played my part in this scripted commodity. Wrote some words for the sake of originality, crossed them out to partake in a well known duality.

Wherever you go you're bombarded by clamor. Inside or elsewhere, it doesn't matter. White noise has a way of tapping like a hammer and the water's rush has a whole other manner.

Don't underestimate the greatness of a liquid state. A pond that winter's frozen is summer's means for an escape. And in the spring we'll watch it break, beneath the roof we helped create while eagerly we contemplate the work of every drop of rain.

Often now we speak with excess sincerity in an effort to believe in the words and their brevity.
Track Name: Helen's Forest
I dreamt I saw you taking soft focus pictures of little things like chickens and such. I liked the photographs you made in New Orleans, I liked what your eyes did very much.

But I haven't seen them do much of anything but roll.

I dreamt I saw your one good companion, so I asked him where I'd find you but he did not know. The truth is I'm displaced, not fully erased, just caught in the pace of time's prying toll.

And I haven't seen you do much of anything but go.

It's like falling to sleep with your back to the wall, what I mean is to say, I was uncomfortable. And tumbled through dreams like the leaves in a fall, swept up by wind and so I won't recall that...

I dreamt I saw you, your face silhouetted. Your hair was still long and it smelled of the wind. Then you radiated light, cut through the dark part of the night, I had my camera but didn't set it right.

And I haven't seen you do much of anything but glow.
Track Name: Pretenders
And the road goes on forever in the winter along the river. As the night sky grows much deeper the stars become that much clearer. And to starlit nights we pretenders won't surrender, just press on. How the tops of the trees match the shapes of our mouths, closed tight dried and hollow.

Beyond the smell of fresh cut grass there's a man who's
lived for a while. Got lots to say about the ways a man can smile.

If I lose my voice it would be a lesson in using choice, time, and discretion, knowing when to face it, seeing where to place it.
Track Name: Sleeping To Get Better
When I awake but the day's not begun I've prayed for more sleep to avoid what's to come.

Sleeping to get better or at least to feel numb.

Once was a time when I had conviction, believed in some things and life was of interest.

But I was so wrong when I thought I was right, gave up the best thing I've known in my life.

Now never so much have I wanted of another to leave me alone no longer bother.

But oh how they still resound like a thunder, taunt me in the day time, haunt me in slumber.

Sometimes now thinking only hows wheres and whens. Of finding a new place to make up a new bed.

And never awake but just bury my head in a cold mess of steel or tangle of thread.
Track Name: We Rode Along The Coast
I'm drafting a melody, you're writing for the world to see. We both hum eulogies for never was. I left to suggest you no longer possessed what was left of the loss we caused. When everyone wants second hand a friend like you's in high demand, taking turns revealing is not was. Decline the love denied my friend and laid awake to never end, think that we are better off for once.

Your wool coat skin is hanging for the ages, adjusting your eyes to the brighter light spaces. Haven't found anything to pay for the changes, heard you arranged it and there's nothing left to find.

He says he wants to travel by revelation but hasn't made an effort to get out from the station. She longs to know a more fitting situation, keeps up relations that just seem not to fit.

I've lived with indulgence, I've lived with vain. Nobody cleans up, nobody takes the blame. I took off cause I could no longer remain and try and stay the same.

Me, but not mine. You can't fly don't even try.

We rode along the coast, not long enough to shake the ghost. Followed.

All I need is others eyes and you suggest the sacrifice, taking turns revealing who it was. Decline the love deny my friend and lay awake yet once again, think that we are better off for once.

But conflict never follows, just comes out from where it hides. Enwraps its tired self around your eyes.
Track Name: Sound Of
Bury the sound of my voice as it creaks like no one would notice. Speaks, like no one was listening. Breaks with no pieces to gather.

This is the sound of my mother reading. She is so quiet.
Track Name: Tatala
Chamomile I grew for her, laid it down on top your fur.
Bergamot I grew for me, laid it down by where we used to sleep. Peppermint grows on its own, laid it down across your bones.
Garlic scapes grown but torn, laid them down oh how they do adorn. Bachelor buttons, their name forgot, laid them down on your resting spot. Potato flowers and fronds of dill, laid them down on that hill.