Seems A Laugh

from by tamarin



He seems a laugh so I laugh. At who's expense would I pass. And yet the thing that I've asked is are surface readings formed in one glance?

Associate what we'd believe are similar, read to deceive. If we could look and not try to see, we'd have no faces, we'd know our place.

Time we've spent holding to this, think of all that we have missed. Histories that will never exist, though some of these stories we'd still resist.

Take the time, learn what it's for, there are ways be reassured. Up off the ground, feet to the floor. You keep on moving there's so much more.

Crash, cry, you will survive, you won't even know that you made it.
Grass dries but it's still alive, it doesn't know that you've tamed it.
Sometimes men will devise a thing and not know what to name it.
You can tell lies just to get by, no one will know that you faked it.

I take a half, take the other half. At his expense, I laugh.


from Shake the Ghost, released October 9, 2012



all rights reserved


tamarin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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