Folkadelphia Session 3​/​11​/​12

by tamarin

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Recorded for Folkadelphia at XPN's studios at the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, PA on 3/11/12.

Live versions of Songs from Shake The Ghost, coming out 10/9/12 on La Société Expéditionnaire.


James Blinstrub - Drums
John Cipriano - Pedal Steel Guitar, Keys, Vocals
Page Foster - Vocals, Percussion
Patrick Lamothe - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Alex Malamy - Guitar, Vocals
Jesse Sparhawk - Guitar, Mandolin


released October 1, 2012

Thanks to Fred Knittel, John Vettese, and Folkadelphia



all rights reserved


tamarin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Pretenders
And the road goes on forever in the winter along the river. As the night sky grows much deeper the stars become that much clearer. And to starlit nights we pretenders won't surrender, just press on. How the tops of the trees match the shapes of our mouths, closed tight dried and hollow.

Beyond the smell of fresh cut grass there's a man who's
lived for a while. Got lots to say about the ways a man can smile.

If I lose my voice it would be a lesson in using choice, time, and discretion, knowing when to face it, seeing where to place it.
Track Name: Helen's Forest
I dreamt I saw you taking soft focus pictures of little things like chickens and such. I liked the photographs you made in New Orleans, I liked what your eyes did very much.

But I haven't seen them do much of anything but roll.

I dreamt I saw your one good companion, so I asked him where I'd find you but he did not know. The truth is I'm displaced, not fully erased, just caught in the pace of time's prying toll.

And I haven't seen you do much of anything but go.

It's like falling to sleep with your back to the wall, what I mean is to say, I was uncomfortable. And tumbled through dreams like the leaves in a fall, swept up by wind and so I won't recall that...

I dreamt I saw you, your face silhouetted. Your hair was still long and it smelled of the wind. Then you radiated light, cut through the dark part of the night, I had my camera but didn't set it right.

And I haven't seen you do much of anything but glow.
Track Name: Seems A Laugh
He seems a laugh so I laugh. At who's expense would I pass. And yet the thing that I've asked is are surface readings formed in one glance?

Associate what we'd believe are similar, read to deceive. If we could look and not try to see, we'd have no faces, we'd know our place.

Time we've spent holding to this, think of all that we have missed. Histories that will never exist, though some of these stories we'd still resist.

Take the time, learn what it's for, there are ways be reassured. Up off the ground, feet to the floor. You keep on moving there's so much more.

Crash, cry, you will survive, you won't even know that you made it.
Grass dries but it's still alive, it doesn't know that you've tamed it.
Sometimes men will devise a thing and not know what to name it.
You can tell lies just to get by, no one will know that you faked it.

I take a half, take the other half. At his expense, I laugh.